I went for my first ride on a speedboat yesterday.

I ****ing loved it.

Through all my childhood years, my family could never afford to take me on a speedboat. Having done it for the first time last night, I now know what all the fuss is about.

Having my hair pulled back by the wind and a strong breeze blowing in your face is something that simply *has* to be experienced, if you’ve never felt it before. Riding the wave as the boat gets airborne is a gut-wrenching experience as well, that has to be felt by people of all ages and genders.

If you’re unsure of the best speedboat to buy, I believe Bayliner and Baja are two good ones to look at. Otherwise I’d duck into your local boating and camping store, as they’ll undoubtedly have the best offer for you.

Personally, I’d spend anywhere up to $200,000 for a boat, but your budget is something you need to consider before you go and make the purchase. So you can get all the bells and whistles, or just something simple, and it will still give you that exhilarating experience you’re after.

Just make sure the boat is sturdy enough to withstand the waves, or else you’ll be in for a *huge* shock!

Have fun out there peeps, and stay safe