How to develop the strength to ride a speedboat as you get older

When you get older, for some reason it all gets so much harder.

Harder to feel the adrenaline and the thrill from riding a speedboat, harder to use your muscles to ride the boat, harder to maintain the fitness required to ride the boat, and harder to find some attractive ladies to ride the boat with you.

I turned 40 last month, and I’ve found some incredible tips on how to be a solid speedboater despite being a bit long in the tooth.

By far the most important tactic is to make sure you weight train. If you’re think you’re training enough, train even harder, because controlling the wheel on a speedboat is no easy feat and requires surprising amounts of strength. I had no idea how much strength it would require to steer a speedboat until I first started boating in 1999. I only started weight training a year and a half ago and it has honestly helped me immensely!

Another important tip is to do cardio exercise. Turning the wheel for hours on end at high speeds does require large amounts of stamina, and there’s no better way to train for it than to do some rowing, running or cycling. You’ll probably find that you’ll shed some body fat while you do it also.

If you’re going to weight train to help you speedboat and you’re over 40, just bear in mind that your testosterone levels are not what they should be. For that reason it’s important to supplement with a good testosterone booster. I have tried a few, but for me Testogen has been the most effective. You can get a sample at

By the way, when you weight train, says to make sure you stick with moderate weights and high reps. This will be most similar to speedboating and will give you the strength and endurance required to steer a boat.

At the end of the day we’re never going to look like Arnie did in his heyday once we’re over 40, nor are we going to have the testosterone levels of a 26 year old. But, we can ensure that we are bigger, faster and stronger than anyone else over 40. Plus if we weight train, run and supplement, we’ll definitely have a healthier mind, spirit and sex drive than any of our friends.

A buddy of mine is actually 45, yet he looks 30. He probably has the strength and fitness of a 25 year old. Believe it or not though, he has taken a fitness supplement in his life. So for some people, staying strong and fit to steer a speedboat comes naturally as we get older. But for most of us, we require a bit of help through diet, exercise and supplementation .

Anyway, I’m out to hit the water chaps… Happy boating! 🙂